FengXun Hand Grip


  • Adjustable Resistance Range (10-40kg) — Suitable for people of all ages and sports enthusiasts. Also, the hand exerciser is lightweight and easy to carry and not limited by time and space.
  • Rehabilitation Device — It is an auxiliary device for rehabilitating patients with hand muscles or soft tissue contours.The exercise of the gripper can alleviate fatigue, strengthen the practitioner’s muscles, promote blood circulation, maintain blood circulation to the joints, and prevent inflammation.
  • Environmentally Friendly Thermoplastic Rubber Material — The handle uses thermo-plastic rubber material, which belongs to environmentally friendly rubber, it has good wear resistance, skid resistance and shock absorption and will not hurt the hand.
  • Excellent Quality — High-quality spring steel is chosen during the production process, which is resistant to high temperatures, rigidity and long service life.
  • First-class Customer Service — We offer 7/24 online customer service! If you are not satisfied, please contact us, then we will do our best to satisfy you. Promised!


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