Online Database Software Streamlines Business Processes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small marketing agency tracking leads in spreadsheets or an enterprise storing data rows across verticals, the process of organizing and storing huge amounts of information can quickly become a mess. When you begin to deal with large chunks of data, you’ll discover that simple spreadsheet programs like Excel aren’t always up to the job. As your data grows, you could be faced with issues such as nonresponsive pages, slow loading times, formatting errors that make formula errors difficult to detect and also rigid layouts.

Online database software can assist you to improve and streamline your business processes. Besides providing a user-friendly interface online databases also offer robust features like online forms, data visualization and Excel tools for migration. You can utilize a single platform to streamline processes and complete a variety of tasks.

The best online database software offers an array of pricing plans from free to customizable enterprise solutions. Stackby, for example, is a budget-friendly solution that includes an individual plan ($4/month) that allows other users to have only view access and a business plan that starts at $23 per month. Fusioo is another well-known database tool, provides several templates for project management, invoicing and human resources. It also provides templates for sales, marketing and sales force, among other areas. It is a reliable platform with APIs and a 99.9% uptime warranty as well as certifications like Cloud Security Alliance and GDPR.

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